OpenCAD 0.3.0

DateJun 16, 2019
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The OpenCAD development team at Stormlight Tech along with support from the community is pleased to announce OpenCAD 0.3.0.

Important highlights from this release

  1. ENHANCED SECURITY –  This version brings enhanced security which makes it more difficult for a installations database to be hacked.
  2. GAME DATA MANAGER (GDM) – The community has been asking for it and we have finally implemented it, a Game Data Manager. There are some features which aren't completely implemented but those will get sorted out in subsequent patches. GDM can manage streets, vehicles, citation types, and so much more.
  3. INTERNATIONALIZATION – OpenCAD is finally capable of handling translation. In 0.3.1 the user interface will start using the strings provided. For now though we must build up the languages the we have. Please feel free to contribute to the translation effort. You can visit the project's CrowdIn profile here.
  4. INSTALLER –  OpenCAD 0.3.0 introduces a step-by-step installer to ease the process of deploying the application. The installer also allows administrators the ability to set the password on the first account created thus eliminating default credentials.

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